AUDIO: Christian Bale’s Apparent ‘T4′ Meltdown

While big box office success for The Dark Knight and a bittersweet awards sweep by the late Heath Ledger have afforded Christian Bale some peace, it seems his anger issue has reared its head again.

TMZ has unearthed audio allegedly taken from the New Mexico set of Terminator: Salvation, where after a London arrest for an intense spat with his family, a voice said to be 35-year-old Bale goes ballastic on cast and crew.

Take a listen to the heated clip here:


For more of Christian Bale’s apparent rant on the set of T4, go to TMZ.

The clip supports those claims, as Bale’s voice is allegedly recorded screaming obscenities and physically threatening Salvation’s Director of Photography Shane Hurlbut.

“I want you off the set, you p**ck,” Bale screams at Hurlbut in front of director McG and costar Bryce Dallas Howard, for walking into the camera’s frame while Bale was filming a scene.

“Im gonna f**king kick your f**king ass if you don’t shut up for a minute,” Bale continues, bemoaning the cinematographer’s perceived lack of professionalism.

The installment, also starring Helena Bonham Carter, is set for release this May. Bale is currently prepping for Killing Pablo, a biopic of Columbian drug lord Pablo Escobar.

Reps for Bale, McG and Hurlbut did not return calls for comment.