Our Commerical Roundup: Weigh In on The Super Bowl’s Best and Worst

What’s more eagerly anticipated from each year’s Super Bowl telecast than “The Star-Spangled Banner,” the halftime show or the game itself?

The plethora of commercials aired thoughout the three-hour championship bonanza, of course!

And this year ran the gamut—from goofy animals for Pedigree, a crystal ball tossed into a bosses crotch in a Doritos clip and Conan O’Brien being conned into wearing bunny ears and a sleeveless mesh shirt for a supposed Swedish television ad for Bud Light. (“Vroom, vroom, party starter!”)

Celebuzz rounded up what we considered to be the best and the worst of the Super Bowl XLIII commercials.

Take the poll below and vote for which of our six favorites you think was the clear-cut winner!

Watch The Best:

1. Conan O’Brian for Bud Light: Swedish
2. Pepsi Max: I’m Good
3. Pedigree: Crazy Pets
4. CareerBuilder.com: Tips
5. Doritos: Crystal Ball
6. E-Trade: Talking Babies

Watch The Worst:

1. Teleflora: Talking Flowers
2. Castor Oil: Grease Monkey
3. Overstock.com: Bling and Boozer
4. Budweiser: Clydsdales Generations
5. SoBe Lizard: Lake 3D