Remember When: Shia LaBeouf Was On ‘Even Stevens?’

Shia LaBeouf. Car crashes aside, one thing’s for sure: he was the cutest—and most successful—nerd to ever hit the Disney Channel!

After being signed by an agent at the age of 13, a mere three months went by before the California native was cast as Louis Stevens on the hit show Even Stevens!

On the show, LaBeouf’s character was often the center of practical jokes and was never really accepted by his peers. His goofy appearance and curly brown hair only added fuel to the middle school bullies’ fire.

However, the now 22-year-old actor has the last laugh, as he was the only true break-out star of the series!

When his three-year stint on the show ended, other offers began to pour in. Roles in films like Holes and The Greatest Game Ever Played, Shia caught the eye of Steven Spielberg.

The two formed a working relationship, with Spielberg casting the scruffy star in Disturbia and Transformers. This alliance helped Shia land the biggest role of his career to date, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

The actor found himself in a bit of trouble last year with his July DUI arrest and resulting lack of drivers license. But he doesn’t have too much to be down about; fans will see him next alongside mega-hottie Megan Fox in the upcoming Transformers 2, which hits theaters in June.

Here’s a fun fact: Shia’s name means “gift from God” in Hebrew. Do you agree? Is Shia all that and more? Tell us what you think!