Vanessa Hudgens: A ‘New Moon’ No-Go?

Sorry, Vanessa Hudgens fans; the 20-year-old High School Musical actress most likely won’t be sinking her teeth into the Twilight sequel, New Moon.

Despite earlier reports that Hudgens had auditioned for the role of werewolf Leah Clearwater, the screenwriter for both flicks says that it’s extremely unlikely.

“I’m not sure about [final] casting but I had heard Vanessa Hudgens was going up for the part of Leah,” screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg told People magazine at Directors Guild of America Awards in Los Angeles on Saturday. “But at the moment, the part of Leah doesn’t happen until the third movie.”

On the plus side, this frees up Hudgie Bear to pursue other film projects that might be of interest to the public.

Rosenberg further revealed that Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner and the rest of the Twilight-ers are already in Canada preparing for the New Moon shoot, which is due to begin  next month.

“I can tell you the original cast will all be coming back,” Rosenberg says. “They’re on set right now, in Vancouver! They’re all up there prepping the movie to start shooting very soon.”

Wow, talk about dedication! But then, for the kind of cash that the young actors are suddenly pulling in for each Twilight flick, a little bit of devotion is warranted.