Whitney Port Reacts to ‘City’ Second Season Pickup

All is well in Whitney Port’s City.

It turns out the gamble the Hills ex-patriot took in moving over to the right coast, bouncing from sunny Los Angeles to the uptown/downtown world of New York City, has paid off big.

MTV has renewed the glossy reality show for a second season.

This means more brooding and jamming from Port’s Aussie beau Jay Lyon, as well as more bitchery and blazing fashion from Olivia Palermo. But how does the star herself feel?

“Honestly, I still can’t believe that all of this is happening to me,” she blogs, “first of all that I was given my own show, second that people are even watching and enjoying it, and third that it got picked up for a second season!”

While she’s enthusiastic about The City’s renewal, the future is as unpredictable for the 23-year-old as it is for her viewers and fans.

“Who knows how this next season is going to unfold, or where my career, my friendships, and my relationship with Jay will go,” she said.

Port goes on to say she’s just excited for the ride and, naturally, we should continue to catch her on Monday’s at 10 p.m. on MTV.

Congrats Whitney, you’re one step closer to the dream.