Ashton Kutcher Comes To Michael Phelps’ Defense

Add one more celebrity to the list of stars defending gold medalist Michael Phelps in the wake of his bong picture scandal.

Ashton Kutcher has Twittered about Phelps, saying that “he’s a good kid.”

A photo of eight time gold medalist Phelps using a bong was run in British tabloid News of the World over the weekend, showing the Wheaties box cover star in an entirely different sort of light.

Several celebrities and star athletes have come to Phelps’ defense and Demi Moore’s husband/pissed-off rendered sheepish neighbor Ashton Kutcher has joined them.

“God forbid he hit a bong,” Kutcher Twittered yesterday. “Go ask your 20-year-old kid what they did last weekend.”

Phelps has seemingly retained some of his lucrative endorsement deals – including those with Omega watches and Speedo. He has issued a public apology in the wake of the scandal.

The photo of Phelps using the water pipe was reportedly taken at the University of South Carolina during a party in November.

“I’m not saying it was a smart move. But he doesn’t need to be publicly outed for it. Whoever put the pic out is an a**!,” Kutcher wrote.

The opinionated Kutcher says that he himself hasn’t smoked marijuana in “quite some time.”

He went on to say that he’s also “not immune to a lapse in good judgment from time to time.” The people who saw Dude, Where’s My Car? concur.