Dakota Fanning’s Vampiric Short Shorts

Is Dakota Fanning using her wardrobe to score the part of vampire Jane in the Twilight sequel New Moon?

The 15-year-old showed up for her Late Show with David Letterman taping last night dressed in a midnight blue jumper that featured some short-shorts.

In winter. In New York City.

Vampires are undead, which usually renders them pale and invulnerable to the elements.

Plus, Letterman’s studio is legendary for being kept as cold as possible She’s not even wearing a jacket!

Fanning is perfect for this part. The young Hounddog actress has the supernatural acting background down pat.

She was on Letterman promoting two films that fit the bill.

Fanning lends her voice to the title character in Coraline, a stop-motion animated film in which a young girl visits a kingdom of nightmares.

And in Push, she plays a teenage psychic who can predict the future alongside telekinetic Chris Evans and hypnotic Jonas Bros. muse Camilla Belle.

Fanning just needs to keep it on the downlow from Twilight’s rabid fans that she hasn’t read New Moon yet, as she mentioned to E!.

“I haven’t read all four [of the Twilight books] yet,” she said. “I’m working on it. Getting there. I’m just about to finish the first one.”

Time to take up speed-reading, Dakota!