Drew and Justin: It’s ‘Just Not’ That Awkward

Don’t worry about Drew Barrymore and Justin Long. They much talked-about former couple were just fine last night’s after-party for the He’s Just Not That Into You premiere.

In what could have been a terribly awkward moment at Social Hollywood’s exclusive after-party, the pair literally collided at the club’s entrance. But spies tell Celebuzz that it all went smoothly.

“Everyone happened to be coming in the doorway at the same time, it was a traffic jam,” our spy said of the influx after a packed red carpet at Grauman’s Chinese Theater.

We’re told they greeted each other warmly with smiles and a hug, and that the moment “didn’t seem awkward, it just seemed genuine.”

While the pair generated plenty of buzz, the night belonged to newlyweds Scarlett Johansson turning up with husband Ryan Reynolds. Not only did the newlyweds attend a work function (as they rarely mix business and pleasure), they actually showed affection.

“She led him around the whole room by hand,” the source said.

Into You star Kevin Connolly got some A-list support as well, from longtime pals Tobey Maguire (with wife Jen Meyer) and a baseball-capped Leonardo DiCaprio.

“Leo was the king of the court,” says the source, “even as the party dwindled all of the actors hovered around his table.”

That crowd included Jennifer Connolly, Ginnifer Goodwin and Slumdog Millionaire’s Dev Patel.