Ed Westwick and Jessica Szohr Are Basketball Lovers

Looks like Kobe Bryant wasn’t the only one scoring last night.

Gossip Girl stars Ed Westwick, 21, and Jessica Szohr, 23, got lovey-dovey in the stands while watching the New York Knicks play the Los Angeles Lakers at Madison Square Garden last night.

Westwick and Szohr, who play Chuck Bass and Vanessa Abrams respectively on the CW’s snotty-but-sexy drama, have been rumored to be an item since late last year.

In December, they were spotted engaging in some very couply behavior at an airport in Dallas.

K-Swiss spokesman Westwick seems to be very adept at making Szohr laugh, even though it appeared to take Jessica a little while to fully throw herself into the smooch.

Maybe she felt a little awkward with Cheech Marin of the infamous Cheech and Chong stoner-comedy duo sitting directly behind them. (That’s the lower part of his face just above  Jessica’s head in the pictures.)

Or maybe her woman’s intuition told her that Ed might have had an ulterior motive in mind with this public display of affection.

Previous reports have linked him romantically with male co-star Chace Crawford, and he has admitted to getting all hot under the collar when faced with soccer stud/model David Beckham.

Perhaps he’s trying to send a message to the public as well as Jessica?

No better way to say it than with a kiss.