Kate Winslet’s “Learned To Love” Her Bum

While racking up trophies this award season, there’s another prize on Kate Winslet’s mind—the genuine appreciation for her behind.

“God, I’ve really learned to love my ass,” the actress told W magazine’s Editor’s Blog. “Not that I look in the mirror and say ‘I love my bum,’ but I’m completely fond of it.”

The actresses no longer feels the need to “cover it up anymore,” which is precisely what she didn’t do for her Academy Award-nominated turn in The Reader, where she appears nude often from the front and back.

“That’s just really great lighting, a little bit of makeup to take care of the bumpy little areas,” she explains.

And even if she hadn’t been given the Hollywood treatment on her backside, she always has a fan in Oprah.

For her naturally-occurring eyebrows, her common bond with First Lady Michelle Obama (hint: it’s Narciso) and what she hates most, check out W’s interview.

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