Kim Kardashian Doesn’t Do Facebook—or Engagement

Kim Kardashian is sick of the rumors about herself and her boyfriend, New Orleans running back Reggie Bush, and has taken to her official blog to clear the air about the couple’s supposed engagement.

Kardashian first addressed the topic in October, when Internet scuttlebutt began to spread that Bush had proposed to her.

The evidence for this patently false claim? Kardashian’s Facebook page had supposedly been updated to say so.

After her publicist called her to congratulate her on the engagement, Kardashian wrote a post on her site to clear things up.

Unfortunately, no good deed goes unpunished, and yesterday rumors surfaced that Kardashian’s Facebook account had been hacked into.

All this, desite the fact that Kardashian doesn’t even have a Facebook account.

Now Kim is really serious about setting the record straight, and has once again employed the soapbox of her official blog to tell it like it is.

“For the hundred thousand trillionth time I DO NOT HAVE A FACEBOOK ACCOUNT!!!!” Kardashian adamantly states. “A blogger—who obviously didn’t do his homework—stated yesterday that my Facebook got hacked into and that my alleged account sent out an email blast to all my Facebook friends complaining about it.”

“I am so sick of people saying I got engaged because my Facebook profile says so, or I’m single now because my Facebook says so,” Kim continues. “Call me old-school but I love MySpace and I used to love Friendster! Maybe I need to get a Facebook account to shut down all of these fakes!”

Kim might want to rethink that; if Facebook is already causing her this many headaches without her involvement, imagine how much grief would result if she actually signed up for the thing.