Suri Cruise Is Anchored—and Annoyed

Unlike on earlier occasions, Suri Cruise wasn’t terribly enthusiastic about hitting the shops with her mother today.

The three-year-old daughter of Katie Holmes, 30, and Tom Cruise, 46, wasn’t her usual ebullient self as her mom dragged her around to the stores in Rio de Janeiro. In fact, judging from the expression on the three-year-old’s face, she was feeling downright surly—despite the fact that anyone lucky enough to be wearing that adorable, anchor-emblazoned dress has no right to feel blue.

Maybe she’s temporarily grown weary of her parents’ hectic lifestyle? The family arrived in Brazil last Friday so Cruise could promote his Nazi-era epic Valkyrie, and it’s been a whirlwind trip since then.

Oh well; hopefully Suri’s disposition improved after Katie bought her a tasty treat at the ice-cream counter. Ice cream tends to cheer up kids of all ages—no matter what kind of unpleasant experiences they’ve had to endure.