Eva Longoria: Two-Timing Her Restaurant!

Eva Longoria Parker is not being faithful to her beloved restaurant Beso.

The Desperate Housewife star and Beso co-owner is as regular as the house guacamole at the celebrity hot spot.

She’s there virtually every night, and last evening was no exception.

Spies tell Celebuzz, however, that Eva enjoyed a late night meal post-Beso at the Bond St. restaurant inside the Thompson hotel.

Longoria looked “happy and flawless” as she sat in the middle of the booth flanked by two male friends and surrounded by a females.

Throughout the night, the group expanded as one pal after another stopped by to say hello and join in the fun.

And if the 33-year-old did indulge in said Beso guacamole, she wasn’t showing any signs of stopping at Bond St.

“She has a healthy appetite for such a small girl,” says another diner, “she was the first one to dig into the edamame and then the first one to pick up her chopsticks when the main courses arrived.”

Further, Longoria “beamed with delight when the waiter went over some of their options.”

Mrs. Tony Parker never lost her proprietary instincts, however.

“Eva looked like a natural hostess,” our onlooker says.

“When the food arrived, she was the one who automatically cleared the table to make some room and then prodded everyone to start eating.”