Jessica Alba Was Sad to Lose Baby Weight

Most new mothers would be ecstatic to get rid of the weight they’d put on during their pregnancy. Not Jessica Alba, who tells the March 2009 issue of Elle magazine that she broke down into tears while getting back into shape after giving birth to daughter Honor Marie in June 2008.

“I did it for the Campari job. [The workouts] were horrible. I cried. And I haven’t worked out since,” Alba admits.

The “Campari job” that Alba, 27, is referring to is the December photo-shoot she did for the 2009 Campari calendar. Judging from the results, it was worth every tear-stained trip to the gym.

Doing crunches isn’t the only thing that makes the Fantastic Four actress weep. Alba broke down during the interview while discussing being separated from Honor Marie for long periods of time.

“This is the first time I’ve been away from her. It’s been six days,” Alba, who’s currently filming the big-screen adaptation of Jim Thompson’s noir-crime novel The Killer Inside Me, revealed. “It sucks; it’s the worst thing ever. But we Skype, so I can see her on video. The worst is when you can see her little chubby hands grab the screen, and I’m not there.”

At that point, the article notes, Alba’s eyes welled up, after which laughed and wiped the tears away.

“That’s a new thing—I never cried before,” Alba noted after the outburst. “Just being a mother is making me a big, weepy mess.”

If Alba breaks down that easily, hopefully she didn’t watch the post-Super Bowl episode of The Office that she guest-starred in. That make-out scene between Cloris Leachman and Jack Black was enough to make anyone curl up into a ball and weep.