Morning Frills #149: ‘Lawless Action’ Edition

Lucy Lawless: She’s not just for sci-fi/fantasy geeks anymore.

The former Xena: Warrior Princess star, 40, brought her new live performance extravaganza, Pleasuredome, to the Roxy Theater in West Hollywood last week, and it was quite the extravaganza.

Decked out in a modified schoolgirl uniform, the New Zealand-born actress and singer wowed the crowd with a lascivious musical display.

According to the show’s press release, Pleasuredome “brings the audience  into a world of sex, drugs, temptation and redemption.”

Lawless accomplishes this goal through a mixture of blindfolds, simulated bondage and highly suggestive microphone technique. Which is really the only acceptable way to approach such tasks.

Well played, Lucy Lawless! You may currently play Number Three on Battlestar Galactica, but you’ll always be Number One to us.

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