School’s Top Driving Instructor Gives Miley AAA Rating

She’s handled global pop domination, but can Miley Cyrus park at a Hannah Montana premiere without causing a fender-bender?

That’s a big yes. The Disney star is excelling in her recent driving lessons, according to her school’s top instructor.

“She’s very determined to be a good driver,” says Instructor Gloria Ridgeway, head of the Driver’s Ed department of the California Driving School. “She’s very focused. She really picks it up.”


In a video posted today on uber-fan site MileyWorld, Cyrus was caught getting into a training car in the midst of a two-hour lesson at the school (cost for teenaged driver is $119). The star requested the instructor, Oscar Hunt, who is shown here:


“They have good lessons,” says Ridgeway. “Miley’s lessons are always fun and enjoyable. There can be laughter along with safe driving.”

In her latest session the budding roadster focused on defensive driving skills, driving in a residential neighborhood, and driving in traffic with a straight-on parking lesson thrown in.

Naturally Cyrus will have to deal with camera-wielding road distractions in her driving career, so it’s especially heartening that Ridgeway says the star is “especially good at defensive driving.”

“It’s all about being focused and avoiding distractions,” says Ridgeway, “she watches everything from two blocks ahead of her to what’s on the sidewalk beside her.”