Audrina Denies Benji Madden Love Rumors

Audrina Patridge won’t be following in Paris Hilton’s footsteps anytime soon.

The New York Daily News wrote today that Patridge and Hilton-ex Benji Madden have elevated their relationship from friends to more-than-friends.

The Hills beauty has taken to her official blog to correct gossipers the Web wide:

“I’m getting a lot of calls today about a story that ran in a New York paper saying that I am now in a ‘romantic’ relationship with Benji Madden,” Patridge writes, “I find it highly amusing, since I haven’t seen him since December.”

And while Patridge expressed her rights to patrol the rumors, she does say she finds Harlow Richie’s uncle “a sweetheart and we’re good friends, but we are definitely not dating!”