Jessica Simpson’s Bare-Faced Truth

Jessica Simpson just can’t seem to escape the widespread obsession over her appearance lately.

The 28-year-old actress/country singer/Tony Romo arm accessory was spotted at the Dallas Airport yesterday, en route to Grand Rapids, Michigan, where she’ll be opening for Rascall Flatts at the Van Andel Arena tonight.

Perhaps unfortunately for Simpson, her hectic travel schedule apparently didn’t allow her time to put any make-up on, leading to a less-glamorus-than-usual showing on her part.

This comes, of course, after two weeks of nationwide debate over Simpson’s weight, starting when Jess flaunted her newly filled-out form while performing at a chili cook-off in Florida. Seemingly everyone, from Kim Kardashian to Pete Wentz to Heidi Klum, has weighed in on the topic of Simpson’s expanded curves. And even though the response has been overwhelmingly supportive, that kind of attention is bound to make a gal self-conscious.

Will the celeb-gossip headlines now be filled with headlines dissecting Simpson’s unadorned face?

Simpson’s ex, Nick Lachey, certainly doesn’t hope so. The 35-year-old former boy-bander tells OK! Magazine that he’s sick of discussing his former wife’s appearance.

“I think it’s ridiculous,” Lachey fumes. “I don’t understand why it’s such a big deal and people keep asking about it to be honest with you.”

Of course, Lachey is the guy who told the media, “I wish [Simpson] nothing but the best and I hope she’s happy—whatever size that comes in.” So maybe he should have kept his mouth closed on the subject from the beginning.