Kara DioGuardi on Bikini Girl: “What a B*tch!”

It looks like American Idol host Kara DioGuardi has won the battle of wills between herself and contestant Katrina Darrell, a/k/a Bikini Girl.

Darrell got the ax from the show on last night’s episode, after seemingly sabotaging her partners’ performance during group night by ditching practice for sleep the night before and throwing major ‘tude at the judges.

These antics were enough to earn the 20-year-old model from Chino Hills, California—who raised eyebrows three weeks ago by auditioning in a bikini—the boot. Along with a few choice words from DioGuardi.

As Darrell huffed her way backstage on her path to show-biz oblivion, DioGuardi snapped, “What a b*tch!”

The latest addition to the American Idol judges’ panel has had a chilly attitude toward Darrell since her audition, when DioGuardi deemed her a “terrible singer” and told her, “you don’t have the chops” to sing Mariah Carey’s “Vision of Love,” which Darrell performed for her audition.

It was an awkward moment, to be sure. But it could have been worse; Darrell could freaked the judges out with a perceived threat, like one of the contestants this season.



Photo Source: Michael Becker/FOX