Kevin Federline’s Losing Weight the Britney Way

Kevin Federline’s getting a wakeup call from his new girlfriend Victoria Prince—lose a few!

The blonde Volleyball player may be embracing Federline’s entire family, but it seems she’s done embracing the extra baggage the rapper and famous ex-husband has acquired of late.

A source tell Celebuzz that Prince is a huge fan of Lean1, a celeb fave dietary supplement that none other than Britney Spears has used to get in shape, we’re told by another vitamin-hocking source.

While it’s not uncommon for couples to shed pounds together, we imagne the stuff is effective if Prince is feeding Federline his ex-wife’s magic powder.

Just yesterday spies caught the pair at Studio City’s Le Pain Quotidien, where Federline opted for Lean1 in a shake as opposed to other decadent Belgian delights.