Lady Gaga: ‘Pantsless Tour 09′ Continues

Lady GaGa, 22, is really taking her “who needs pants?” ideology to a whole new level.

When she’s not wearing geometric shapes on her head, Lady GaGa is hitting the stage (as seen here last night at London’s KoKo Club) in her customary bejeweled panties, bra and opera gloves.

GaGa’s sans trousers performance in Camden Town was just one of the many shows and appearances she’s given in the United Kingdom while promoting her album The Fame.

In between, she’s done just a tad of clubbing.

The Lady (real name Joanne Stefani Germanotta) is looking to relax on Valentine’s Day, however. Well, “relax” would be a broad term. Actually it would be indulge in “sex and pasta.”

When asked by MySpace what her perfect Valentine’s Day would consist of, the ever-classy electronica queen responded, “a good f**k. And some carbohydrates. Yeah, some good spaghetti and some good sex.”

Well, her pants are already off.

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