Lily Allen Uses Google To Aid Her Drunken Memory

The Internet’s not just for Facebook and buying concert tickets; it can also provide a crucial moment of clarity!

In a new interview in Glamour UK, singer Lily Allen confesses that she cut back on her booze consumption after she had to Google herself to find out how she got home after a night of hard partying.

“I don’t remember what happened. I woke up the next day and there was a party at my house,” the songbird—whose previous party-positive attitude is a matter of public record—says in the March issue.

“[British record producer] Mark Ronson, [comedian] Alan Carr and [radio presenter] Jonathan Ross had been there because Alfie [Lily’s brother] had brought them back. But I’d passed out in bed and saw my Glamour award (Allen won the the special Editor’s Award at the Glamour UK Awards last year) on the floor and thought, ‘How did I get home?’ I Googled myself.”

The British songstress, whose new single “The Fear” is currently topping the charts in the UK, says that this was the incident which caused her to cut down on her alcohol consumption. This doesn’t mean that Lily’s completely developed a sober persona. At least, if some of her recent wardrobe choices are any indication.

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