New Kid On The Block Outed?

A Brazilian male model has revealed to the National Enquirer that he allegedly had a romantic relationship with Jonathan Knight, 40, of New Kids On The Block.

Kyle Wilker says in the tabloid’s latest issue (as reported by Just Jared) that he believes Knight “was in love with me.”

“We had a wonderful relationship. I was in love with him and I believe he was in love with me.”

The tabloid also has photos that reportedly depict Wilker and Knight nuzzling and kissing each other.

Wilker, 27, says that Knight is a “straight guy who happens to be gay.”

Wilker and the New Kid On The Block (who reunited with his boy band last year for a new album and tour) are alleged to have met at bar on New York’s Fire Island and were in an 18 month relationship. Guess the breakup didn’t go so well.

Knight was the first member of NKOTB to quit the band in 1994. He works as a real estate developer and lives in Essex, MA when he’s not performing syncopated dance moves and making middle-aged Bostonian women scream with ecstasy.

He appeared on the Oprah Winfrey show in 2001 and revealed that he used to suffer from panic attacks.

Probably at the thought of a money-grubbing ex outing him to a major tabloid, which wasn’t too vague a fear obviously.