Tom Cruise: Brazillian Blunders

Tom Cruise, 46, attempted to make nice with reporters in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil this week but neglected to realize that Brazilians speak Portuguese, not Spanish. reports that the always affable Cruise, who is in Rio with wife Katie Holmes, 30, and daughter Suri Cruise, 2, to promote his World War II thriller Valkyrie, welcomed the press by saying hola (hello) and gracias (thanks), which are Spanish words.

The correct wording would have been olá and obrigado.

Couldn’t one of the military personnel at the private beach the Cruise family played on have informed them?

Cruise, seen here at a photocall for the film in Rio, also mentioned that he loved the former capital of Brazil because of films he has watched featuring the samba and the tango.

Cruise was only 1/2 right. The tango hails from Argentina.

These errors aren’t as glaring as his spoken wish to kill someone that was already dead in Seoul, Korea last month.

This cultural misunderstanding can’t be part of his reported plan to improve his public image.