Whitney Port Worries That Obama Might Take Her Job

“I can’t believe Barack Obama is doing a reality show (wink, wink)!  If he starts designing clothes then I’m really in trouble! ,” City denizen Whitney Port says on her official Web site about the new Web series The District.

Newsweek.com has created the series, which turns President Barack Obama’s first 100 days in office into an MTV-esque reality show ala The Hills and The City.

The District uses actual footage of Obama, his family and his administration.

Editors then adds voice-over narration from actor Iman Crosson playing Obama and a pop soundtrack that makes our President, First Lady and their cabinet into reality TV stars.

In episode one (“The Challenges We Face”), Obama notes that his inauguration ceremony “rocked” (despite the swearing-in mixup), and expert editing makes it look like Obama is right in the room when Republicans are criticizing his economic stimulus package.

Port mentions her mock nervousness about President Obama’s potential fashion design skill because she has her own clothing line, Whitney Eve.

Seeing as Port’s show The City just got the greenlight for a second season on MTV, she probably doesn’t have much to worry about.