Denise Richards Gets a Hand From Her Mystery Man

Denise Richards, 37, was spotted cozying up to an unidentified man in Malibu yesterday, sparking speculation that she’s finally found someone to take her mind off ex-husband Charlie Sheen.

Despite having to juggle iPhone and bottled water, the rumored Dancing with the Stars future competitor managed to hold the gentleman’s hand as they crossed the street.

And look: the anoynymous fellow doesn’t seem to be wearing a wedding ring!

Seeing as Denise isn’t a toddler (biologically, anyway), the hand-holding display could be an indication that the two are more than friendly.

Of course, Denise is in workout clothes, so it could be just a friendly trainer taking her out for a power walk.

Richards has been uncharacteristically sweet lately, especially in regard to her ex-husband Sheen and his new wife, the pregnant Brooke Mueller. Reports state that, after an alleged she-said/she-said battle over Sheen’s sperm (!?!), the two have buried the hatchet and Richards might have even earned herself an invitation to Mueller’s baby shower.

Perhaps Mystery Guy deserves the credit for turning Richards’ bitter into sweet?

Denise’s possible DWTS gig could be revealed on Sunday on ABC. The network is holding its “All Night Name Drop” during their Sunday-night programming to reveal Season 8’s contestants, according to Extra.

Maybe they can reveal the nature of the relationship between Richards and this new guy while they’re at it.