Jason Wu Won’t Be Letting the Fur Fly

Jason Wu—who designed First Lady Michelle Obama’s inaugural gown—is being praised by the Humane Society of the United States after postponing plans to launch a collection with Saga Furs, which was due to debut this fall, the Wall Street Journal reports.

Oddly, the postponement, which Wu announced earlier this week, seems to have little to do with any ideological shift he may have experienced. The 26-year-old designer said that he’s setting the project aside in order to focus on his ready-to-wear pieces, which have received increased demand since inauguration day.

But that seems to be good enough for the Humane Society—for the time being, anyway.

“We are delighted that Jason Wu has put aside the cruelty of fur for now, and hope he will adopt a permanent fur-free policy,” Sarah Perelstein, retail outreach coordinator for The Humane Society’s fur-free campaign, announced. “Michelle Obama set the sartorial tone for the new administration by choosing to not wear fur at the inauguration, and it’s wonderful to see Mr. Wu follow suit.”

Perelstein added that the Society is currently drafting a letter to Wu encouraging him to permanently abandon fur designs.

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