Jennifer Aniston Brought To Tears By Gray Hair

Jennifer Aniston is defiantly celebrating the approach of her 40th birthday with delight. Except for that one gray hair she found.

During an appearance on the The Ellen DeGeneres Show today, Aniston—who turns the big 4-0 on February 11—revealed that getting older has only caused her one tearful moment. So far.

“I found a really long gray hair, and it kind of flipped me out,” she said, as reported by People. “It’s not my first, but it’s the fact that it was so long. I was like, ‘Oh, that’s been there. How many others are there, and what does that mean? It actually brought me to tears, slightly.”

Besides that, Aniston claims, everything’s delightful.

“I have to say really, I feel better than I ever felt in my life,” Aniston insisted.

Ellen and Aniston toured the old Friends set for her birthday, and DeGeneres (who recently celebrated her own 51st birthday) produced a big cake for her birthday.

Ellen’s cake isn’t the only one that the He’s Just Not That Into You star is receiving. A star-studded birthday party is being thrown for her on Saturday.

DeGeneres held up a series of photos of celebrities for Aniston to identify as birthday party guests. She confirmed that bff Courtney Cox would be there, as well as Cox’s husband David Arquette. The most talked-about potential guest, though, was Aniston’s reported boyfriend John Mayer, 31. She wouldn’t definitely state whether he was attending or not, though. 

While that mystery waits to unveil itself, check out the video of Ellen and Jen’s birthday exchange below: