Jessica Simpson Melts Down On Stage

Jessica Simpson gave a performance in Grand Rapids, Michigan last night complete with forgotten lyrics, a verbal wish to “walk off the stage,” and an exit allegedly accompanied by tears.

The Grand Rapids Press reports that Simpson, who is the opening act on several dates for country band Rascal Flatts, was plagued with problems throughout her entire performance.

“My voice is weak tonight,” Simpson said, reportedly in tears. “and I feel so vulnerable onstage.”

Simpson reportedly had to re-start a song after forgetting the lyrics (mouthing “sorry” to the audience), and also experienced problems with her earpiece.

The singer has experienced intense scrutiny as of late due to recent photos depicting her supposed weight gain. A DVD producer is said to be suing her and recently expressed his desire for her “to feel how it is to be fat” by releasing footage from an unreleased workout video online.

Her fans disagree.

“She is way thinner than she looked in the magazines,” one fan said. “I don’t know if they doctored those photos or what.” The same fan also admitted it was “uncomfortable to watch [Simpson struggle].”

Jessica reportedly ended her performance by running off the stage in tears.