Matthew McConaughey: Skateboard or Gondola?

Matthew McConaughey, 39, was photographed using his skateboard in an innovative way yesterday.

The actor/surfer dude went for a ride using a wheeled stick to balance himself and go even faster as zipped along the sidewalk, accompanied by his dog BJ.

Travelin’ Matty was dressed in board shorts, a winter cap and a hoodie. Are those from his j.k. livin’ label?

BJ seems to be McConaughey’s companion of choice when it comes to his athletic pursuits.

The pooch recently nosed around in the sand while his master demonstrated his (amusing, according to onlookers) yoga skills this week.

McConaughey is known for keeping physically fit, as evidenced by his killer abs.

Though he might have Malibu, California confused with Venice, Italy in this case.