Orlando Bloom Rocks So Hard, He Doesn’t Even Need a Shirt

Orlando Bloom fans in the L.A. area had a rare opportunity yesterday afternoon, as Bloom filmed a scene for his upcoming movie, Sympathy for Delicious, at the Palace Theater in downtown Los Angeles.

Bloom and his co-star, actress/rocker Juliette Lewis, filmed a concert scene the venue, and fans were invited to come down and witness the spectacle (as well as serve as extras for the scene). A few lucky  attendees were even given speaking roles in the movie.

As if that wasn’t enough, the extras got to ogle a buff, shirtless Bloom as he belted out songs onstage.

Sympathy for Delicious, which is being directed by Mark Ruffalo, tells the tale of a newly paralyzed DJ who gets wrapped up in the world of faith healing. In the scene filmed yesterday, Bloom’s rock-singer character gets into a heated fight with his disable bandmate, ‘Delicious’ Dean O’Dwyer (played by Christopher Thornton).