The Tweetest Thing: John Mayer on Lady Gaga

Even John Mayer has an opinion about bow-tied, pantsless wonder Lady Gaga.

While we think he’s complimenting her, there’s something a little fishy about a Tweet (a message sent out over current celeb-fave social network Twitter) the latex-clad blonde.

“Lady Ga Ga has a cool song,” Mayer’s one-line missive opened, “because it somehow sonically captures a smell.”

This stumped us at Celebuzz. Could Mayer be connecting with her current number one anthem “Just Dance,” getting fumes of champagne and perhaps a little morning after?

Or the new hotnes of “Eh Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say),” but as that’s an anthem of leaving an old love for a new one, and he’s confessed to Ellen DeGeneres that sleepovers are still going down at Jennifer Aniston’s house, we doubt that’s the odor he’s referring to.

Regardless, well done GaGa. Now all you need is Demi Moore and a Tina Fey and your Twitter triumvirate is complete. Then you can focus on the rest of the world.