Victoria Beckham: Flasher?

Armani body Victoria Beckham, 34, traipsed through London’s Heathrow Airport today in a trenchcoat. And possibly nothing else.

Beckham, in a silvery trench, shows some bare thigh in these photos which could indicate that the coat is the only thing between her and her skin.

David Beckham’s wife has become a fashion icon for the masses, always spotted in towering heels and the latest couture.

Perhaps she got sick of spending so much time dressing up, simply threw on the latest in outerwear and shoes, and said went for it?

The Daily Mail reports that Beckham is allegedly in talks with Simon Cowell’s production company to appears as a judge on the next season of X-Factor (Britian’s version of American Idol) next season.

Vicky will reportedly receive $1.4 million for her troubles.

It might require clothes, though. It certainly doesn’t require a singing voice. Paula Abdul, anyone?

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