Amy Winehouse: Spliffing on St. Lucia?

It might only be with Amy Winehouse that published pictures of the troubled songbird smoking what appears to be a “cannabis joint” is heralded as a step in the right direction.

Yesterday The Sun newspaper in England printed photographs of Winehouse as she “puffs on a cannabis joint on holiday.”

Winehouse is pictured relaxing in a hot-tub with a rolled cigarette in her mouth. The headline for the piece stated: “Amy’s having a spliffing holiday.”

It recalls other recent published pics, those of Michael Phelps allegedly puffing from a bong last weekend caused international shock, horror and endorsement shutters.

In this case, unnamed friends quoted in the story expressed relief that the troubled singer—whose battles with substances are well documented—was keeping away from harder substances.

A friend is quoted by The Sun saying: “Drugs are easy to get in St Lucia but she has just stuck to smoking dope.”

“The amazing thing is she smokes all morning then sees her personal trainer in the afternoon and is put through a gruelling workout.”

We’re just picturing the DVD workout video now.