Paris BFF: Jessica Simpson Needs A Friend

With unflattering photos and an intense on-stage meltdown at her concert Thursday night Jessica Simpson is certainly going through a rough patch.

Onch, a contestant on Paris Hilton’s My New BFF, has the answer to Simpson’s problems — which is, well, a new BFF.

“She needs a good friend,” Onch tells Celebuzz during a Friday visit to our office. “Someone who is real to her.”

“She needs to talk about what she is going through with someone who can keep her secrets and won’t sell her out to the tabloids,” he says.

Another problem, according to the reality show contestant and jewelry designer, is plain old phoney Los Angeles.

“It’s difficult to make friends in Los Angeles. You need someone who likes you for who you are, without ulterior motives. To make a good friend you need to go out of state — like Paris did.”

Paris has since headed out of the country to find her British BFF, leaving U.S. winner Brittany Flickinger to fend for herself on recent red carpets.