‘Devil’ Delights? Anna Wintour Styles Adele

While she maintains she won’t be leaving her post as Editor-in-Chief of Vogue anytime soon, Anna Wintour did a little moonlighting this weekend for the Grammy Awards.

Wintour has taken UK singing sensation Adele under her wing, and while visiting the magazine offices recently to be photographed for a forthcoming issue got an added perk—Wintour insisted on dressing the star for the Grammy Awards.

“It was just like ‘The Devil Wears Prada,'” the 20-year-old told the International Herlad Tribune.

Winning Record of the Year for her cut “Chasing Pavements,” the singer turned up to the Grammy ceremony with Vogue editor at large Hamish Bowles.

“I don’t ever wear dresses,” she elaborated, “I wear dresses with tights and flat shoes and a cardigan. But I am going to get my boobs out and everything. It’s going to be quite a big deal.”

Tell us what you think—did Wintour do the crooner proud?