Grammy Awards Fashion: What Happened?

The statues are passed out, agents and managers thanked—it’s all over, but those fashion missteps live on.

Now Celebuzz must ask of those certain offenders, what happened?

Paula Abdul, for instance. While it’s fitting you’d salute the golden gramophone, was it necessary to dress as one?

And Bai Ling, while your invitation to the ceremony eludes us, we appreciate a stab at originality. Take a note from Paris Hilton, however, trademarking a look (be it supershort or super loud) isn’t always successful.

And while we adore M.I.A. for holding her own (on her baby’s due date) with rappers Jay-Z, Kanye West, T.I. and Lil’ Wayne, she certainly has introduced a new genre in maternity wear.

Disagree with our selection? Take a peek at our picks for fashion misses (and we expect a unanimous vote for the pirate you’ll find inside).