Prince Harry snubs Paris Hilton?

He’s single and likes blondes who are light in the deep-thought department. So Paris Hilton would seem to be a perfect match for Prince Harry.

But according to the U.K.’s Daily Mail, the Prince cancelled on a planned late-night meeting between the two last week.

The report states that Hilton, in London to promote her reality show, was telling friends she had plans to meet Prince Harry at midnight on Friday. The party-loving royal has split with his girlfriend of five years.

“Paris had spoken directly with Harry to arrange the meeting,” a source told the paper.

But Prince Harry cancelled on the meeting just hours before. Worse, he had the bodyguards make the call. 

Hilton was said to be “annoyed” about the situation. But clearly not that annoyed. She left the door open for meeting Harry the next time she’s in London.