The Grammys: Notes From The Red Carpet

While Jennifer Hudson slowly but surely comes back into public life, she continues to dominate attention with each appearance. Tonight’s Grammy Awards red carpet was no exception.

Hudson, braving the press line after her familial tragedy this past summer, acknowledged that “nothing phases” her at this point.

She referred to her experience of singing at this month’s Superbowl as “surreal” and introduced the world to her fiance, attorney David Otunga.

When asked what linked them as a couple Otunga commented that Hudson “fits me like a glove” and acknowledged that dealing with the shooting death of her mother, brother and nephew this past summer brought them closer together as a couple.

The icing on the cake? Hudson won a Grammy for Best R&B album, presented by another comeback diva, Whitney Houston.

Elsewhere, Miley Cyrus talked about her impending Grammy duet with Taylor Swift on Swift’s song “Fifteen” and why that song appealed to her.

“Most everything I went through was when I was 15 years old. A lot of things happened in the past, it was very inspiring to go back with that.”

Cyrus was also asked about a rumor that her little sister Noah was taking over her role as Hannah Montana.

“It’s not true. She is turning into me slowly but surely. She likes the wig a little too much, but it’s not true.

Grammy performer Carrie Underwood, in a gold dress adorned with crystals, says that her life just keeps getting better since her huge success, especially “the affection, the hair, the makeup.”

First time Grammy nominee Katy Perry had trouble walking in her tight pink dress with a huge bow on front and admitted she was sweating “from every gland.” She also revealed that she would be employing a “phallic symbol” during the ceremony that was full of “potassium.” Hopefully she meant bananna.

Nominee for her song “Chasing Pavements,” Britain’s Adelle revealed that she wrote her hit song about tracking an ex-boyfriend down at a club and punching him in the mouth. When asked where the ex was nowadays, she revealed that he’s working at a cell phone shop in London “and I’m at the Grammys.”

Jennifer Aniston’s boyfriend and Grammy nominee John Mayer, dressed in a black satin Nehru jacket, revealed why he and Aniston finally spoke about their relationship on the Ellen show.

Mayer will appear on Ellen DeGeneres’ show on Monday and said that Ellen “is so comfortable” that he could admit “yeah, I sleep over.” Mayer also joked that his life is normal although “I own a golden helicopter that I fly to Malibu.”

Actress Kate Beckinsale, in a black Reem Acra dress, noted that was there to see one band in particular because “I fell in love [with her husband, director Len Wiseman] to Coldplay.”

And last but not least, party-necessity Paris Hilton was on the red carpet. When Ryan Seacrest asked her why she didn’t have a man with her to accompany her to the afterparties, she quipped “you don’t bring sand to the beach.”

That might be the smartest thing she’s ever said.