The Men of The Grammy’s

While it’s usually no contest with the girls, let’s here it for the boys—they made a valiant effort to come in a close second at the Grammy Awards.

Style guys The Jonas Brothers, Chris Martin and the men of Coldplay, Diddy and Jennifer Aniston’s main squeeze John Mayer brought their own individual take to formal wear.

Martin and crew continued their trotting out of captain’s jackets, this time in bright pastels and tassels. Mayer went for a nerdy-yet-avant-garde statement in a high-collard double-breasted black satin jacket.

And naturally the Jo Bros busted out riveted belts, bow-ties, vests and bangs, bangs, bangs.

Yet who is better, more commanding, modern yet iconic than Jay-Z?

Well, it’s to be expected. Take a look at his wife.