Kate Winslet Was Prepared for a Speech (Finally)

Bum lover Kate Winslet, 33, is becoming almost as well-known for her bumbling, overly excited speeches as for her splendid film work. But the tongue-tied, gushy-eyed thesp managed to redeem herself at last night’s BAFTA Awards ceremony.

Winslet accepted the BAFTA Award for Best Supporting Actress in The Reader. And this time she managed to handle her win with humility and aplomb.

The key seems to have been having something written beforehand and focusing on someone other than herself.

The Academy Award nominee thanked her parents (who were in the audience) and dedicated her award to deceased producers/directors Anthony Minghella and Sydney Pollack. And then said a simple but hearfelt “thank you” to the audience.

Check out Kate’s cool, composed acceptance speech in the video below:

For comparison, take a look at Kate’s infamous “gather” speech from the Golden Globes (in which she committed the unpardonable sin of almost forgetting competitor Angelina Jolie) here:

And, just for good measure, Winslet’s equally flighty speech from this year’s SAG Awards in this video:

Way to pull it together, Kate! Did you by any chance take a public-speaking course before the BAFTA Awards? Or did you just rely on the time-honored trick of picturing your audience in their underwear?

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