Katie Price: Masked Lingerie Marauder

A playful Katie Price (a/k/a Jordan, a/k/a Victoria Beckham on a budget) was spotted shopping at Trashy Lingerie in West Hollywood.

Apparently the British-born Renaissance woman, 30, was so worried about being seen shopping for kinky underthings that she donned a mask as she left the store.

Oh, who are we kidding? Price was just being playful.

After all, it’s not like she’s ever been shy. Ever.

Katie, husband Peter Andre, 35, and their three children have relocated to Los Angeles from London so that Price can continue modeling and Andre can work on his singing career.

Price is also reportedly searching for a role on a daytime soap, according to her official website.

“She is desperate to break into acting. She knows she isn’t going to land a top movie, but fancies a TV soap,” a source says.

Ceaseless self-promoter Price should know that she’s never going to get recognized for acting roles if she’s sporting a mask.