Lust for Jesus? ‘Blame It’ On Madonna

Leave it to Madonna to glaze over a divorce with an artful-but-salacious magazine spread, then make real-life drama by shacking up with one of its players.

Photographic evidence has hit the Web, a vertiable “When Madonna Met Jesus” tale of skimpy high-fashion and tanned Brazilian bodies.

Titled “Blame It On Rio,” The much-buzzed-about W magazine photo series (photographed by Madge fave Steven Klein) features supernaturally good-looking Brazilian model Jesus Luz, 22.

Luz became a fixture in Madge’s life after Madonna danced away from Guy Ritchie and slipped out of admitted steroid user Alex Rodriguez’s romantic embrace. The photos featured in the W spread were shot several months ago, during the first run of her Sticky & Sweet tour.

The narrative finds the Material Mom “amid sultry settings and irresistible distractions,” where she’s given no choice but to fall “under the spell of Rio de Janeiro.”

With the body and face belonging to Jesus, we’re sure Rio’s spell isn’t the only one she fell under.

Check out the full gallery of sultry pics.