Morning Frills #152: ‘One Croft-y Babe’ Edition

For those not up on video-game geek news, 23-year-old British gymnast Alison Carroll is the latest comely lass to represent sexy archaeologist/adventurer Lara Croft, buxom heroine of the long-running Tomb Raider video-game series.

Carroll was on hand at the Carphone Warehouse on London’s Oxford Street last week to introduce the Sony Ericsson’s W910 Gaming Edition to the world via a photo-call.

While we don’t have specifics on the new gaming gadget, we’re sure it has many fine features. Because Carroll has many fine features. And obviously, the fine folks at Sony Ericsson would never attempt to dupe the public with marketing gimmickry.

Speaking of fine features, click through our gallery of sexy Alison Carroll photos.