Shia LaBeouf: Jones-ing for a New Role?

Judging from the hat that Shia LaBeouf wore after the BAFTA Awards this weekend, he appears to be completely serious about taking the reins of the Indiana Jones franchise.

The 22-year-old actor, who co-starred in last year’s Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, sported a chapeau eerily reminiscent of the one worn by Harrison Ford in the Indiana Jones flicks.

Last year, director George Lucas indicated that he was considering LaBeouf as a successor to the aging Ford in the long-running Indy saga.

LaBeouf could use a bit of good news lately; the drunk-driving accident he was involved in last year, and the subsequent hand injury he suffered that has yet to heal, have left the Transformers star a little down in the dumps recently.

Could the actor be trying to goose Lucas into officially making him the new star of the Indiana Jones cinematic empire by showing how well the shoe—or, rather, the hat—fits?

Sure. It’s also possible that, with his hat and his scarf, LaBeouf was merely bracing himself against the uncharacteristically harsh weather that London has been experiencing of late.

One thing is certain; LaBeouf’s BAFTA get-up certainly beats the paper-bag ensemble he was sporting with a buddy in L.A. late last month.