VIDEO: John Mayer Talks Sleepovers With Jen Aniston

Better sit down for this; John Mayer has some shocking news to reveal.

The 31-year-old, oft-dated musician, who’s currently in the on-again phase of his relationship with Jennifer Aniston, appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show today.

And faced with Ellen’s wily journalistic skills, Mayer broke down and admitted that he has had “sleepovers” at Aniston’s house.

Shocking, yes, but it’s impossible to argue with the video evidence below:

Mayer also had something else to admit: He’s not too crazy about Aniston’s house, which the former Friends actress renovated with $15 million in green technology after purchasing it last year.

“There is no normal thing in the Aniston house,” Mayer complained to the comedienne/talk-show host. “You won’t find a light switch. The light switch is not antiquated, there is a six-button light panel. It does everything.”

This doesn’t sit well with Mayer, who is apparently old-school when it comes to lighting fixtures. “Just give me a switch that glow orange and I can swing my arm up (and turn on the light),” Mayer groused. “I don’t want a smart home.”

Wow; first word leaks that John Mayer can’t stand Aniston’s dogs. Then he insults her house.

Mayer had better be careful; as Mayer’s gal demonstrated on DeGeneres’ show last week, she’s cried over far less than that.