VIDEO: Michael Cera Pulls a Christian Bale…Or Does He?

Juno’s Michael Cera, 20, appears in a hellacious video clip in which he verbally attacks the crew of his upcoming film Youth in Revolt.

In the clip (check it out above) Cera seems be incensed about a note that was left in his trailer accusing him of having behavioral problems.

And that’s when the “f-bombs” start a-flyin’.

“If this movie’s worth watching, it will be a f**king miracle!” he bellows, after calling the crew “amateurs.”

Given that Cera usually comes off with all the ferocity of a baby lamb, the outburst is highly uncharacteristic of the Canadian thespian.

Of course, it’s also possible that Cera is spoofing the recent Christian Bale meltdown audio clip , which has already spawned about a zillion imitators on the Web.

Have your say in the poll below: Was Cera goofing on the Bale controversy, or genuinely outraged?