Courtney Love Has Really Pulled Herself Together!

Is it any wonder Courtney Love was named Woman of the Year at the Elle Style awards?

The 44-year-old former Hole ma’am celebrated her stunning victory last night with an apparently long night out at the private members’ club Groucho. Love dazzled the crowd until 2 a.m. with a look that couldn’t have been any more eye-catching if she had been wearing a Groucho Marx disguise while partying the night away. (And perhaps she should have.)

But Love, who evoked beloved Saturday morning TV character H.R. Pufnstuf with her wild mane, come-hither eye-droop and puffy pout, wasn’t just content to serve as the evening’s fashion plate.

According to witnesses, the obsessive blogger and part-time flapper girl asserted her Woman of the People status upon returning to the hotel by engaging in a fracas with a hotel staff member. 

It seems that, when a group of paps swarmed to snap Love’s pic, the hapless staff member attempted to shield her from the shutterbugs’ popping flashbulbs by jumping in front of her.

And for his troubles, the employee was shoved out of the way by Courtney, who apparently didn’t mind having her picture taken.

Trust us, girl; the man was trying to do you a favor.