Morning Frills #153: ‘Shiver, Me Pinder’ Edition

For British model Lucy Pinder, Valentine’s Day isn’t just an occasion to let her loved one know how she really feels.

It’s also a chance for the 25-year-old, 32G–26–32 beauty to alert the public about the importance of energy efficiency.

England’s Energy Saving Trust has announced that, this year, due to the worldwide credit crisis, half of all Britons will scale back their Valentine’s Day celebration, resulting in a cheaper, more energy-efficient display of affection. Residents of Britannia will stay home, toss on an apron and cook for their loved ones.

Bearing a T-shirt with the motto, “Turn Me On, Turn It Off,” Pinder engaged in a sexy photo-shoot to encourage the other half of Britons to follow suit.

The half-clad Pinder particularly emphasized the importance of turning down the thermostat to save money and reduce one’s carbon footprint while spending the day with that special someone.

Hmm; if Pinder’s turning the heat down, why are we suddenly breaking into a sweat?

Perhaps a trip through our gallery of sexy Lucy Pinder photos will reveal the answer.