Rob Pattinson Treats Stalker to Dinner

Forget the hassle and hoopla of elaborate restraining orders, round-the-clock security and a lifevest. Robert Pattinson handles his stalkers in a unqiue way—by taking them to dinner!

Rpattz, in an interview with Creme magazine, revealed that a female fan stood outside his apartment for the duration of filming Little Ashes in Spain.

““She stood outside of my apartment every day for weeks — all day every day,” the actor said.

And as opposed to throwing fits and threatening litigation, he knew the antidote to her firey Pattinson passion. To bore her with his personality.

“I was so bored and lonely that I went out and had dinner with her,” the actor said, “I just complained about everything in my life and she never came back.”

Now Rob can advise other coveted stars on how to clear their paths of clingers.

“People get bored of me in, like, two minutes,” said Pattinson.

We bet it’s a sweet two minutes.